I read a lot. Books, magazines, blogs, and especially the Web versions of newspapers.

I am often asked what is on my daily reading list. In addition to the Bible, here’s my daily list of reading.

I do my reading in the morning before I shower or get dressed. I’m a morning person, so it’s first on my list, along with a giant cup of Starbucks coffee.

I force myself to read fast. I spend no more than an hour reading through my list. (This doesn’t include books, which I read at other times.) I save articles I may want to reference in the future in a “Research” folder.

By the way, these are all stored in a Safari Bookmarks Bar in a subfolder called “!Daily”. The exclamation sign insures that it sorts first in the list. When I am ready to plow through my daily reading, I click on the list and select “Open in Tabs.” Each URL is then opened in a Safari tab. You can do a similar thing in Firefox(available in Mac or Windows flavors) or even Maxthon for you Windows diehards.