Unsanity has finally released a public beta of Menu Master, one of my all-time favorite utilities, for Mac Intel computers. I have been checking their Website daily since I got my MacBook Pro. It had become so much of my workflow that I found it difficult to get along without it. I installed the program with no problems and it appears to be stable.

Menu Master is a system enhancement that allows you to change or remove menu shortcut keys in any application with a simple press of the key. Pull the menu down, navigate to the menu item you want, and then press a keystroke combination. It is automatically assigned to the menu item and instantly appears on the menu item itself. Don’t like your choice, just press the backspace key and delete it. Very cool and very easy to use.

Menu Master is on my must-have list of Mac software. At $10.00, it’s a steal. Grab a copy and give it a whirl.