Flash is an open interactive medium. In creative hands it can be used to build advertising, documents, video experiences, games, applications, art, music, graphs & charts, meetings, graphics, 3d content, and much much much much more. Flash was a success long before video arrived on the web and given open ended capability of the medium it will be around for a very very long time.


One problem with Flash is that as an open interactive medium, designers and developers can do anything with it and often do. There are no SWF approval police or terms of use for Flash content, it is the wild west of interactivity. This freedom has allowed Flash to create simultaneously both the best and worst user experiences on the web. Many users have a negative experience with web advertising but that doesn’t make de-facto medium, Flash, bad. Many developers push Flash to its technical limits and fail to optimize their content in regards to CPU and memory consumption. Developers are allowed to openly succeed or fail with Flash without restriction. Platforms should never limit creativity, they should enable it openly and this strikes at the core as to why Flash has succeeded for so long. Flash is truly an open interactive medium where anyone can succeed or fail.

Flash will never stop innovating both inside and outside of Adobe. The Flash ecosystem is one of the greatest in terms of creativity and technical ingenuity. Internally we are constantly shocked by what developers are trying to accomplish with the medium. Internally Adobe is focused on building a quality high performance platform to support the new and emerging use cases of Flash. Moving forward we will see amazing capabilities added to Flash that rival the last 10 years of innovation on Flash Platform.


We are days from seeing the full scope of the Flash Player 10.1 and there are lots of improvement in quality and performance we have never talked about. For the next few weeks I am going to be highlighting key improvements within Flash Player 10.1 with the help of the Flash Player team. There is a ton of amazing engineering to talk about and I am very excited about Flash Player 10.1 Beta 3 arriving this week.

Flash is an amazing medium and is truly limited only by the design creativity and developer quality applied to it.

Flash Forward!

Ted 🙂