This morning I uploaded build 33 of FDOT with many changes including instance support. The library simplifies the loading of all types of data from text to binary to swf and images. Also during this release I learned Git and posted all code to GitHub. Also included is a simple app that tests all funtionality and provides some great examples to help you get started. You can find the test apps in f.tests.*, enjoy. Here are the changes:

Download at GitHub

– Added instance support! new Load();
– Added simplified event types FAIL,PROGRESS,SUCCESS,OPEN,CLOSE,INIT (Thanks Ben Garney!)
– Added f.event.LoadEvent for typed events
– Added XMLDocument support in f.Load.xmldoc
– Added loadResult constants to Load
– Moved loadError constants to LoadError
– Renamed f.Load.xml to f.Load.e4x
– Added FDOT_Tests to run all tests
– Added f.tests to hold all test examples for instance and static use

Next in adding caching, queueing in build (34). Then adding more types, CSV, YAML, AMF, Serialized. (35)

Ted 😉