We ask this question because in this day and age, family safety is a much bigger concern than perhaps 30 or 40 years ago. Gone are the days when your younger kids walk themselves to the bus stop or to the local store to buy some goodies without some sort of supervision.

Big cities present a giant problem because of all the traffic, people and unsafe environments. Small towns appear a bit safer but there are predators and problems in each. Making sure your younger ones know where they live, their phone number and how to behave in public – which can be a good start – but how involved you are will determine how safe they can be.Younger adults (teenagers) if taught right from the beginning are more aware of their environment and have a bit more instinct about how to keep safe but alas they do sometimes seem to get into situations or just plain mischief.

Family safely starts at home, taught and learned from the parents.  From the day a child is born, while they’re still small asleep on their best crib mattress, how they are cared for and how well you keep your house in order can protect them to a certain degree. However we all know kids will be kids and as they grow they do bump into things or jump on the beds or from the couch (hopefully not the roof) and get hurt, minor and sometimes major.

Take care of your house, train your kids and things should be just fine. However family safety doesn’t stop there. The outside world provides much more dangers than ever before. These days while your children are young you need to drive them to school or wait with them at the bus stop and hope the people on the bus or the bus its self doesn’t get them. I know a bit dramatic but we tend to worry a bit more than we did so many years ago. Keep tract of their school life, teachers, friends and what activities they are involved in and try to have some time in your life to spend with them on things or activities they like to do.

Kids will grow and along with it more challenges. The younger adult face many more choices and paths to go through so stay involved. Choices – should they have a cell phone, makeup, dating, sports, etc… – or other out of the house activities, all need to have a consistent type of approach and training and instructions on the right and best way to do things.

Being involved, installing having good family values, keeping an open dialogue with your spouse and your kids are a great way to live and enjoy the very simple pleasure of having a family and keeping it safe. Everyone in the family should have some type of responsibilities within the household. This differs from going to your job, school, the bar, friend’s houses and such. Each member should have chores and task to complete and be accountable to all other members of the household.

Family safety is everyone’s concern and responsibility. So when raising your family, have fun, have some rules and most importantly, DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR KIDS ARE?